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PictureNook 1.0
The idea of this program came to author's mind when his child wanted to show pictures she draws in MS paint. She wanted to show her new painting immediately! Even if her dad was at work, busy with programming complex business applications and system tools. So, the overall task was to allow seven years old child to use the program for - add her pictures ("I draw new one, here it is") - change appearance ("I don't like this color, let it be that") - share it with her dad ("Look at my new picture") And mission was a success. So, then we state that program is so easy to use that seven years old child can use it, you can believe it. Just show once how to use it. It?s easy outside, smarty inside. WYSIWYG interface, FTP uploader, images rotating/resizing, web navigation - program do the best to free us  .......

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:    tayfun

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